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I started this site ...to network with other woodworkers and to share what I know about woodworking. It just happens to be my favorite pastime, and for many years, my living!

Almost immediately ...after starting this site, (for the third time but that's another story), I found out it was going to be much more than just showing other woodworkers some of the tips and techniques that I've learned over the years. I realized there were woodworkers from all over wanting to share their skills too. So, I decided to shape this website around everybody that had something to share about woodworking.

As for me, ...my first introduction to woodworking was in a high school workshop. As the shop teacher was introducing himself he was handing out pictures of the furniture he'd made for his house. No way! (I can still remember thinking.) You have to buy this stuff from a store!

Over forty-five years later, ... after spending a big portion of my life building cabinetry and making the same kind of pieces, I'm glad I didn't tell him what I was really thinking.

Over the years ... I've ran my woodworking shop out of basements, garages, commercial buildings and now out of a "barn" in my back yard. Through all that I've made a living by making just about anything that came in the door. From toys to commercial millwork if it was made from wood I'd try it. Sometimes with employees and sometimes alone.

As with most people ... that like their profession, I wanted to share some of the experiences about me with other people that are interested in woodworking. So, for many years I thought about writing a book on the subject. Great Idea! Only it never happened. Besides, that's a different profession.

A website was a better choice. After a couple of failed tries I found Sitesell. That was all I needed. From there it was off to the races. I can share new projects, photos and let everyone else show off their projects too.

Looking over the site, ... you'll find that I've tried to cover as many different aspects of woodworking as I could. You'll find that like most information sites, I'll refer you to other sites that has more information about what you're interested in.

There's also many places here where you can contribute your own ideas, photos, and questions. Feel free to contribute anything that other woodworkers may find interesting.  

OK...Enough about me!

Best Regards and Enjoy,


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