Adirondack Chair Plans

Adirondack Chair Plans

Adirondack chair plans and styles have seen a lot of changes as they've been built over the years but the original design can still be seen in all of them.

Originally designed to sit comfortably on the sloping hills of the Adirondack mountains, the adirondack chair has been adapted to back yards around the world.

Changes made to the original design include double chairs, rocking chairs, folding chairs, lounge chairs and gliders. Accessory pieces that have been added over the years include picnic tables, side tables, and ottomans.

This rustic piece of outdoor furniture is a favorite among a lot of woodworkers. The simple design makes it a good project as a teaching tool while other woodworkers build them to make a little extra income. Still, most woodworkers build themselves one, or a pair, just to relax in their own backyard.

While I was looking around trying to find good  chair plans for this article I ran across a lot of good plans in several places along with some nice variations of the original. First of all, I found these free adirondack plans along with some free adirondack swing plans. Nice chair plans that can be downloaded immediately.

Checking at Amazon you'll find a lot of books about adirondack chairs including plans for child size  chairs, available in paper and downloadable plans.

WORKBENCH® Adirondack Chair Plan at

Woodcraft has several versions of these chair plans including this 5 star rated plan.  To view this plan click the photo above.

Minwax has a free pdf download of their version of this most popular chair plan. Get it here.

Last but not least, Rockler Hardware has several plans to choose from.

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