Bed Building Plans - Facts and Sources

Here we've listed bed building plans from several different affiliate companies. These are some of the best plans we could find from our affiliates such as Rockler, Woodcraft and others.

Below, before you get to the plans, We've included a list of common mattress sizes so you can decide the size bed you need before downloading the plans.

Standard Mattress Sizes
  • Twin size mattress 39"x 75" (86cm x 190cm)
  • Double size mattress 54"x 75" (137cm x 190 cm)
  • Queen size mattress 60"x 80" (152cm x 203cm)
  • King size mattress 76"x 80" (193cm x 203cm)

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Most woodworkers personalize the plans they buy to create their own style. Once you get started you'll find there are a lot of different ways to create and personalize a bed.

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You can build the entire bed, you can leave off the footboard and just build the headboard, or you can attach a headboard to the wall and have a motel style fixed frame. You can also have a movable frame with a separate headboard attached to the wall.

By far the most requested bed building plans are for bunk beds. There's a lot of different styles and designs available to choose from according to what you need. Some of these plans are changable with different configurations and they're also available as a combination bunk and full size bed.

A few things to consider...

Safety - You can't overlook the fact that beds, especially beds used by kids, are abused and put under a lot of extra stress. They're jumped on, climbed on, and pushed around. Bed joints become loose and keep getting worse until they come completely apart.

Knowing this, when you build your new bed, consider using carriage bolts instead of screws as one way to improve your bed project. It's fairly easy to countersink the heads and cover them with a wood plug.

Another way to improve the safety of your bed is to build it with a solid bottom. This is almost a requirement of upper bunk beds. Feel better about the safety of the bed you provide for your kids to sleep in. Also, if your bed building plans include wooden bed rails a solid bottom is one way keep these rails from spreading in the center.

Other Features - You may want to consider adding wheels or rollers to your bed building project. Beds do need to be moved occasionally and rollers would help keep a lot of stress off the joints. But on the other hand if you're building bunk beds this may be a bad idea. A lot of kids would figure out a way to turn bunk beds on wheels into a two story skateboard!

If your new bed will be used by small children you should consider using a non toxic finish. You never know what kids are going to chew on or what can be absorbed through the skin.

Whichever plans you choose or if you just use the plans below to get ideas for your own design, use the best materials and building techniques you can. Your projects are going to be treasured by someone.

Bed Building Plans

Adapt-A-Bed Plan and Hardware Kit Surface Mount Rail Brackets
Futon Couch and Bed Plan Vertical Mount Murphy Bed Hardware
Mission Style Bed & Nightstand Plan HD Steel bed Rail Fasteners
Rockler's Murphy Bed Plan 5" Surface Mt. Bed Rail Fasteners
Nursery Set U-Bild Plan Center Bed Rail Fasteners
Bunk Bed Plan Bed Bolt
Classic Bed Building Plans Side Mount Murphy Bed Hardware

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