Beginner Woodworking Books

This article about beginner woodworking books changed my perception of what a woodworking beginner really is. You could be a old pro at general woodworking and be a total novice at scrolling, intarsia or others. Whatever area of woodworking you become interested in then the place to start would be with the beginning information.

The woodworking field is so diversified that most woodworkers naturally wind up specializing in one area or another. This could be from interest or maybe because of the machines available at the time. Or, it could be a combination of both. Sooner or later the natural direction is to expand your skills and begin learning different woodworking skills.

During my research for this article I found some great books about a lot of different aspects of woodworking. Most of them can be found at the stores you're familiar with such a Rockler , Woodcraft and Amazon. I also found some other great beginner woodworking books at Woodworkers Book Store.

When you're looking for  woodworking information don't overlook some of the other sources of good information. You can try some of the top rated websites on the subject or YouTube videos. It seems there are YouTube videos covering just about anything.

At the woodworking websites mentioned above you'll find e-books and downloadable articles you may be interested in. Sometimes these come with a tradeoff. The author or website owner will provide the information you want for a small fee or even free if you allow them to send you their newsletter.

There are a lot of other sources of  information if you want to take the time to find it. If you're looking for something in particular try the woodworking forums, or Yahoo answers. You can ask "How to" and most of the time you'll get a pre-written article back that explains the answer to what you're looking for. Just keep looking until you find what you want. There's a lot more information available than just what you can find in beginner woodworking books.

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