About Your Beginning Woodworking Projects

Beginning woodworking projects can be varied and numerous in several areas of woodworking. Pick from useful items, toys, jigs to improve your shop, art...you name it. What do you do with these small beginner projects? You can keep them, give them away or even sell them. Once people find out you're making useful or decorative items a lot of the them will want something you've made or they'll ask you to make something they want.


Although there are several safety considerations to keep in mind when making wooden toys, it's well worth it when you see a child playing with one. Just some of the basic pull along toys or a wooden puzzle will give a lot of enjoyment to a small child. If you pick colorful projects, the kind that roll, add some type of noise and you've got a winner!

It's not too hard to find toy beginning woodworking projects for older kids and adults too. What little girl of any age wouldn't want a jewelry box or just a locking box to keep a secret diary in. Boys of all ages like boxes too. A interesting storage solution for absolutely anything or any "thing" that'll fit!

When you do decide to build a few toys just remember not to use toxic finishes, sharp corners, long pull strings and all the other little things that could hurt a child. Keep it safe and fun!


Just think of the basic household items that would be useful beginning woodworking projects. Racks, shelves, towel holders, or any kind of holder. This type of basic project is always useful and always in demand. These items are also where you get experience with joints, scale and finishes that you'll be able to apply to the advanced projects later on.


Shop jigs are the beginning woodworking projects that are normally made on a for need basis. Most shop jigs help make a process easier, repeatable, and more accurate while you're building a project.

Some shop jigs are built to do a step in a project because you don't have the right machine available to do the job. Either way, shop jigs are handy, easy to build, and very useful.

One word of advise, mark your jigs as to what they are for. Mark what machine they go with, the settings, and everything else you know about them. Before I started marking and making notes right on the jigs I had duplicate jigs, jigs that I knew nothing about, and piles of useless jigs. Now I even note whos job I've used them on. Sooner or later the jig and all the setup information comes in handy.


Loosely used, art in woodworking is a project that reminds you of something else. Scrollwork that takes the shape of things, yard ornaments or shadows that make you look again, intarsia patterns that remind you of some other object. That's all described as art in woodworking.

Another type of art in woodworking is art furniture. Art furniture really has no place as beginning woodworking projects other than for beginners to admire and set it as a goal to reach someday. Once you've had a signature piece of art furniture accepted and displayed in a gallery then I don't think anyone, including yourself, would consider you a beginner. At that point they usually think of you as a artist.

For a beginner, doing scrollwork or intarsia, you get better as you go. The more beginning woodworking projects that you tackle the more complicated you'll want to try. All you need is a few basic tools, some patterns to follow and you're all set to create some woodworking art. For those beginners that want to have a display of yard art all you need is a jigsaw, a bucket of black paint, and a desire to irritate the neighbors! Oops! Sorry! Couldn't resist!

Actually, yard art can be very tactfully done. Holidays with Santa and Easter with the Bunny. You can have a endless array at Halloween. These are some of the items you can make without much cost or effort and have a almost endless supply of customers.


This is one of the easy beginning woodworking projects. The tools and basic machines are standard woodworking machines so normally when you're starting you'll only have to invest in some extra letter templates. Just think about everywhere you see signs and could you make them. Sure you can! If you want, can you make some money with them? Sure you can! House number signs, Welcome signs of all different kinds, cute sayings signs, it's endless. This is just another idea of the endless possibilities with woodworking. Once you start your beginner projects it normally mushrooms into challenging projects that you never dreamed you could accomplish.

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When you're ready to leave beginning woodworking projects then take a look at these free beginner projects.

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