Make one of these Easy Woodworking Projects.

Even though easy wood working projects are plentiful I've always had a hard time picking my next project. Since I started writing this article I realized it wasn't due to a lack of ideas. It seems to be due to not deciding exactly why I want to build something in the first place.

Sometimes it's easy, maybe because you were asked to build a certain project for someone or maybe you're making a dozen of the same item to give away. Other times it's not so easy to decide. Maybe you want to build a project just to try out a new machine or maybe you're looking for projects you want to sell.

wood tool box

Most of us at one time or another have built some of these easy wood working projects just because it caught our own eye or we'd like to show it to family or friends. Some of these aren't very challenging but they do make a good conversation with smiles. That makes them worth your time to make.

Childrens toys are probably the most rewarding of all the easy wood working projects. Brightly colored pull toys that make noise are always a hit with small children and, Yes, they must make noise!

One of the most enduring of all of the easy wood working projects is the simple wooden box with a lid. Maybe because it's such a useful item or maybe it's the mystery of what could be held inside, it seems that everyone wants or is fascinated by a small, well made wooden box.

Small useful household items are always an option. Wood items that hang on a wall, kitchen helpers such as towel holders or organizers, magazine racks and on and on. Every room in the house has some type of need that can filled with one or more easy wood working projects.

Even decorating the outside of your home with window boxes, yard art, whirligigs and more could keep you busy. Needless to say, when you show off your projects like this someone will want a similar project for their outdoor pleasure.

toy wheel jig

When you're trying to decide what to build for the day don't overlook jigs and fixtures for your shop as some of your easy wood working projects. Shop made jigs and fixtures can really make a difference in what you're capable of making in your shop. Pick a shop operation that's time consuming or hard to do and create a jig that helps you get it done. Look through some of the books and plans that other woodworkers have come up with. I'm sure you can get some ideas from those that will help you in your shop.

Whatever you decide to make you should enjoy making it. And, if at all possible make something that someone else will enjoy too. For me that's the enjoyment of woodworking and having a woodworking shop. It doesn't matter if some of the easy wood working projects don't challenge you or are beneath your skills.

It's very satisfying when you can build a custom piece of furniture for someone and it's also just as satisfying to build a simple birdhouse with a kid and be part of the excitement they feel.

What's one of my favorite easy wood working projects? Flowers! Brightly colored, on a stick, wooden cutouts that resemble flowers. Almost everyone enjoys getting flowers for one reason or another and they work great when your wife is having a down day. And, on forgetful occasions, they might get you out of hot water. I try to keep a large stash in my shop!

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