Some ideas for wood rabbit hutch plans.

colorful outdoor rabbit hutch woodworking project

Free rabbit hutch plans are available in a lot of places with each site having their own ideas and suggestions. You'll find them on the internet, at most libraries and most county extension agent offices. There's a lot to know and everything you can find out ahead of time about raising and housing rabbits will help you be successful.

Type of Housing - Why you want to raise rabbits will also help determine what you need to be looking for in the type of housing. Do you plan to keep one or two rabbits for pets or do you plan to raise rabbits for show? Do you plan to breed and raise rabbits for market? Most people that raise rabbits for show also raise them for sale as pets and for market. This makes raising rabbits more affordable and sometimes even profitable. Find out all you can before you start.

Type of Rabbits  - The type of rabbits you intend to raise also depends on what you plan to do with them. Some breeds make better pets, some are better for show and trying to market the wrong breed for meat will definately shut you down fast! You can find out more about the types of rabbits at the American Rabbit Breeders Association website. You'll find a wealth of information there.

Size Matters - Whether you're looking for rabbit hutch  plans to build your own rabbit hutches or plan to buy pre-built cages you should match the hutch to the size rabbits you intend to raise. The only point I want to make here is if you're planning to raise Flemish Giants or any other large breeds make sure the cages are big enough. Rabbits need exercise and enough room to move around. They should be able to stand up on their hind feet and not hit their head or ears on the top of the cage.

The Ideal Rabbit Residence. - Sorry, but this isn't as simple as one hutch fits all. After you decide which hutch fits your plans the best then you're on you're way. Here's a list I made of some of the characteristics that all cages and hutches should have in common.

  • Easy to clean. - This is a no brainer. Make it easy on yourself. You may be able to keep one or two cages of any style clean but, if things get out of hand, can you keep dozens of cages clean. Pick a style that's as self cleaning as possible.

  • Roomy enough. - Every fuzzy creature feels better and is happier if it has room to move around. Make sure your cages a big enough for your rabbits to stretch, stand up and take a few hops. They'll be happier and healthier and you'll have less routine maintenance to do.

  • Privacy and Safety. - Working moms need their privacy to have and raise their litter. They just feel more secure when they can keep their young out of sight as long as possible. It also seems that all rabbits feel more secure when they have a place to hide when something scares them. This is just a natural reaction and their dwelling should provide this peace of mind.

  • Sanitary. - Your plans shouldn't be designed and built from materials that hold onto droppings and urine. I'm basically talking about wood. Also, if parts of your hutch is made of wood then make sure the wood isn't treated with any preservative chemicals. Rabbits like to chew on wood, so to keep them healthy, stay away from treated lumber.

Keeping your rabbits happy and healthy starts with the hutch that you provide for them to live in. It doesn't have to be expensive. You can buy rabbit hutches, some I have listed here, or you can build your own from the free rabbit hutch plans that you find here and other places. Just keep the important features in mind.

Free hutch plans. . .

Free Rabbit Hutch Woodworking Plan     Go to  the plans for the rabbit hutch that's in the drawing at the top of the page.

  Outdoor Hutch Plans II  Plans from the Extension Service of Mississippi State University, cooperating with U.S. Department of Agriculture.

            Outdoor Hutch Plans II-A        Smaller version of above plans.

  Outdoor Hutch Plans III  Based on University of California leaflet 2737 Free Rabbit Hutch Building Plans .

To get more design ideas or buy them ready to use take a look at these  rabbit hutch  plans offered at Amazon.

Here's a video that I found on Youtube  for a quick indoor cage that I thought you would find interesting.

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