Free Wood Toolbox Plan

Classic design wood toolbox

Who couldn't use a toolbox made from these free wood toolbox plans.   I added a few options to this classic toolbox and thought I'd offer the plans free for anyone that wants to build one. (Or more.)

The majority of this classic toolbox can be built with just a tablesaw to cut out the parts and make the interlocking joints.  The rest is easy with just a few hand tools.  Actually the entire project is easy with just hand tools.

Parts for the main toolbox.

Assembly Details A & B

Virtually all of the joints in this wood toolbox plan are interlocking to make a very strong longlasting toolbox.  To make it even stronger the joints should be glued and finished off with some type of mechanical fastener such as nails, staples or screws.

Next is the Toolbox Insert Tray

This handy insert keeps the small stuff from winding up at the bottom of the box.  A lot of times on small jobs around the house I just bring along this insert and leave the rest of the box in the shop.

The Insert Tray Parts

Insert Tray - Detail C

The insert tray sets on the rim of the main toolbox using the 1/2"x 3/8"  lip that you create on the top of the side panel.   Rails inside the box seem to always be in the way.  It's also much harder to get them aligned right.

If your toolbox isn't exactly square then you may have to adjust the insert tray dimensions.  Just in case it needs to be trimmed to fit I like to glue it up first and then add the nails or screws after I make sure it fits in the box. 

Your new wood toolbox can be left unfinished or you can protect it with a finish of your choice.  It should last for many years. 

Thanks for using our free wood toolbox plan and feel free to try another one of our plans.  Most are free but we do charge a small fee for some of the plans. This helps offset the costs.

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