Free Wooden Toy Plans

Free wooden toy plans can be a great project for the whole family. I can't think of a more satisfying project than building toys for the kids or grandkids in your family.

Choose your projects carefully and they'll get many years of fun while they're growing up. After that they'll get just as much enjoyment turning their homemade wooden toys into family heirlooms.

Another advantage of building your own toys is when your kids or grandkids want to help you make them. Keep a supply of toy parts handy and make it a fun day. Your little helpers will never run out of toys and projects for you to help them build.

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Always keep in mind all the safety issues when you're building toys and projects for kids. I've listed a few concerns below but always remember to try matching your projects to the kid.

Keep in mind...

Sharp edges.  Especially important at the toddler age. They're constantly falling and tripping.

Toxic finishes. There are some great finishes now that you don't have to worry about. I really like the Toymakers Finish sold at Rockler

Overall weight. This is often overlooked with wooden toys. Make sure it isn't a struggle to carry around.

Small parts. Needless to say stay away from these projects.

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You'll also find that one of the better places to get free wooden toy plans is from past issues of magazines such as Wood Magazine.  The back issues of this woodworking magazine are full of free toy plans and they're still available. They're also just as popular today as when they were first published.

Do you use toy wheels?  If you buy or make toy wheels then take a look at this article about our  Toy Wheel Making Jig.

Tips & Techniques

These free wooden toy plans are a great way to use up some of the small pieces and cutoffs that accumulate from larger projects.

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