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Good gun cabinet plans are in the top most popular plans asked for by woodworkers. Displaying ones guns have always been a show of pride for collectors, hunters and just general homeowners that have a love for guns and other weapons.

Sometimes, from many years ago through today, displaying guns was practiced by governments all the way down to individuals that had a single gun and it was the most prized possession they had. Many times the display was through a posed photo of a individual and his(her) guns.

If the opportunity ever arises, take a tour through the governors mansion in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. You'll see a majestic display of guns decorating the walls. At that point in our history the display was used as a show of force to any visiting dignitary from other governments.

Where safety isn't a concern, gun owners still like to display their guns. One of the downfalls of this is the cost and availability of good quality gun cabinets. Furniture building materials and methods are streamlined for quantity and it's hard to find a production gun cabinet that matches your guns in quality. Displaying your guns in a cheap production run cabinet is definately not the way to go.

If you have any woodworking skills then building your own gun cabinet is a very good option. If you can find a good set of gun cabinet plans to guide you then it's easy to build a custom gun cabinet that you can be just as proud of as your gun collection. You'll find yourself showing off your gun cabinet as much as what's in it.

A good cabinet plan should be proportionally appealing while giving your guns maximum protection. If the plans you like doesn't provide a way to secure your guns, other than the door lock, then you should modify the plans and build it in. Locking cross bars or cables should always be used. So should trigger locks.

If your cabinet provides a place to store ammo then make sure you have a way to secure it. While building your cabinet you can build in locking drawers, hidden access or both.

Some of the plans found here are instantly downloadable while others must be mailed to you. Either way, all the plans are changeable to fit your needs. Some plans can even be converted to a kitchen hutch, a collectable cabinet or even a bookcase with glass doors.

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