Model Ship Building at its Best

Model ship building is a woodworkers art that only a dedicated few will ever accomplish.

It takes a blend of patience, knowledge of woodworking, knowledge of ship building, and the know how to do it all in a extreme miniature setting.

The models shown here is just some of hundreds of model sailing ships that "Skip" has built from his well equipped woodworking shop over the past 30 years.

The ships he builds are ships that made a impact on history in one way or the other. Some of the model ships that he builds comes in kit form and are very detailed replicas imported from Italy. It takes hundreds and sometimes thousands of hours to assemble these historical models.

Some of the ships he builds are built from scratch. The largest of these so far is a 7' long schooner that has since become the flagship of the fleet and a family heirloom.

Most of these ships go up for sale as soon as they're completed. For all the ships he's built and sold over the past 30 years there's little doubt they can be found in nautical collections around the world.

Here's a couple more historical models currently "drydocked" waiting for  their final destination. . .

USS Constitution

The USS Constitution (aka."Old Ironsides") is the oldest commissioned ship in the US Navy. Still serving after 200 + years, this heavy wood hulled frigate is docked at Boston's Freedom Trail.  Fully manned by US Navy personnel it's stated mission is education about the US Navy's role in war and peace.

Edmund Fitzgerald

model ship building

One of the more popular models, the Edmund Fitzgerald went down in November 1975 taking its entire crew if 29 men with it.  This ship was made even more famous by a song by Gordon Lightfoot named the "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald."  Although there are many theories, the exact cause of the wreck is still in question.

These are some of the more notable ship replicas "Skip" still has in his collection.  There are many more on display around his home.

Sometimes he takes a break from his model ship building hobby to build an occasional piece of furniture for his very understanding wife of more than a half century.   Then he always returns to his model ships.  Woodworking talent at its best!


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"A wonderful article! I would definitely have one of Skip's ships on display in my home if I could afford it.
Kudos to his "very understanding wife", who is also my friend! ". . . Delores

"We've known Skip for a long time and appriciate the loving care and craftmenship that goes into each ship model.  A rare high quality model builder in this day of quickie build models.". . . K. Benjamin

"Epic!". . . Philabuster

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