This Quilt Rack makes a great weekend project.

quilt rack

This quilt rack ... is a very easy project to build. I built this one to use as a floor sample and it was a fairly good item to offer. Now I use it in my own bedroom.

If you're looking for a project add to your offerings this is a good addition. It's easy to build, easy to sell, and easy to make a profit on. I've had customers buy them for every bedroom in their house.

This is also a very good project ... for beginning woodworkers to learn some basics. I've started working on some  plans that I can give away as a free downloadable plan here at Hopefully they'll be ready soon.

This rack made from poplar and has a walnut stain finish. On top of the stain I put 2 coats of 40 sheen lacquer. (When making these racks, always seal your stain coat with some type of clear coat such as lacquer or polyurethane. Never use a oil rubbed finish or shellac as these can ruin a quilt!)

Some of the features ...I used to make this  rack stronger are the elongated bars and the way they're attached. I've seen racks with just dowel rods to hang the quilts on. After a while, with quilts hanging on them, they start to sag. If you increase the diameter of the rods then they look out of place.

I went a 3/4" x 1-1/2" wood rail instead and rounded the edges with a 1/4" roundover edge. It's much stronger and it won't sag. Another added perk of going this route is that it's cheaper. Buying large diameter dowels in cherry, walnut or some other premium hardwood is very expensive.

When I attached ...these rails I used a hidden dowel in the bottom of the rail and a 2" screw in the top. I countersunk the screw hole and used a button cover. (Tip: Always predrill for your screws especially when screwing into the end grain. )

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