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If you need some ideas about setting up shop then take a few minutes to read this series of articles. Setting up a general woodworking shop to make a variety of items will require certain basic woodworking tools and machines.

Everyone has their own opinion about how to set up a woodworking shop but just about all will agree that the tools we talk about here are pretty much essential.

With the pieces of equipment listed below you can make just about any woodworking item. As you start to lean toward making certain kinds of projects then you'll want to get more specialized equipment.

It really doesn't matter whether you choose used woodworking tools or new ones. Starting out, just buy the best you can afford. Looking ahead, as your shop grows, you'll want to add accessories and upgrade options so your projects will go easier and faster. For now, it's a place to start setting up shop.

Setting Up Shop . . . Essential 10 List of Machines

1. Table Saw. . .

10" Table Saw

A 10" table saw is where a lot of woodworkers start. You can create a lot of different projects with just a basic table saw.

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2. Woodworking Workbench. . .

Woodworking Workbench

Whether you decide to buy a workbench or build one yourself your workbench is as impertant as any other piece of equipment that you decide to put in your shop.

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3. Drill Press. . .

Drill Press

The important features to consider here are variable speed and a motor powerful enough that it won't stop when using larger drills. If you get a 1/2" chuck capacity you'll be glad you did. A floor model or bench top model would be a personal preference.

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4. Dust Collector. . .

Dust Collector

Most woodworkers put a dust collector on the back burner until they get tired of holding their breath when cutting or everything gets dangerously covered in wood dust. This is one machine that should be on the priority list.

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5. Router Table / Router. . .

Router / Router Table

The versatility of a router and table may put this one on the top of the list for you. This setup will increase your project capabilities more than any other machine that you would want in your shop.

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6. Planer/Jointer. . .

Planer / Jointer

This machine will pay for itself with the added capability of processing rough or oversize wood. The bonus is being able to start your project with clean straight edges with the jointer feature.

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7. Air Compressor. . .

Air Compressor

One of the staples that can be used for other non-woodworking jobs.

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8. Band Saw. . .

Band Saw

The easiest way to cut profiles on a normal scale. It can also be used for resawing and roughing out non-standard parts.

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9. Wood Lathe

Wood Lathe

This is probably the most fun machine you could put in your shop. Although most woodworkers start with a table saw, there are some that are completely content with the wood lathe being the only machine they have.

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10. Scroll Saw. . .

Scroll Saw

Another fun machine to run. You can make unlimited patterns and cutouts that you can't with any other machine.

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