Table Saw Outfeed Table 

Building your own table saw outfeed table is a project that most woodworkers get around to when they get tired of struggling with long boards or full sheets of plywood. This is a easy project and with a little pre-planning it's well worth the time and effort to improve your shop equipment.

Just looking at all the different options that other people have come up with will tell you that almost everyone has different requirements for their table.

Some things to think about when planning your outfeed table:

  • Do you need to make it removable?
  • Do you need to extend the miter grooves into the table?
  • Are you planning to use it for any other machine?
  • Are you planning storage underneath?

Some things you want to include in your plans:

  • Adjustable legs or support arms.
  • A hard, smooth top surface.
  • A mechanical attachment to your saw.

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