Tongue and Groove Joints

tongue and groove joints

Tongue and groove joints are another industry standard. Used on several types of flooring, cabinet framing and door construction, boat building, wide panel glueups and a whole array of seemingly endless applications.

This is also a easy joint to make. Table saws are used extensively. This may be the most used method because almost everyone has a table saw.

Routers with a tongue and groove bit set are used also. These matching sets make close fitting joints and are much faster than with other methods.

Cutting close fitting joints on the table saw is a simple and easy process also. Once you get the blade setup it's a snap.

Moulding heads and cutters are also available for the table saw that makes cutting several types of joints easy. You can develop your own technique and tongue and groove joints will become the joint of choice.

I shouldn't forget to mention the hand tools that woodworkers used before the days of power tools.  A lot of joints were cut with planes, saws and scrapers.  Today there's a big resurgence of woodworkers working just with hand tools.

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