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old wood clock

For woodworkers wood clock plans are one of the most researched plans available. Maybe it's due to the abundant supply of designs or maybe it's the clock movements themselves that make this project appealing to woodworkers.

In this day and age of digital and even atomic clocks the old original styles of clocks are as popular as ever.

Very few woodworking projects are as beautiful as a well crafted mantel clock or a schoolhouse clock built from your clock plans. A lot of the popular clock plans nowadays have been converted to accept the newer clock works. Still, some woodworkers prefer using the traditional clock mechanisms. The clock kits, style and price range depend on your own tastes.

Almost every woodworker has given some thought to building a mantel clock or a colonial cherry grandfather clock. What woodworker wouldn't be proud that? I'm sure some brave souls have even had a thought or two about building a cuckoo clock. Hmmm...

It doesn't matter if you use a standard plan or design your own, wood encased clocks are one of the more appealing woodworking projects you'll find in woodworking.

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