Easy Build Wooden Bookcase

tall wooden bookcase

This wooden bookcase...is another item you can offer in your portfolio. It's very easy to build and there's very little materials left over as waste.

The bookcase shown...is a very basic project that can be changed both in height and width to suit you or your customers needs. The one shown is 84" tall and 36" wide.  There's also a shorter version shown here. It's available as a downloadable plan if you're interested.

The majority of the bookcase...is made from 3/4" veneer core plywood with the trim and front faceframe made from solid oak. All of the shelves are adjustable using a 32mm spacing.( I use 32mm and a 5mm hole because that's the only spacing my machine will drill.)  You can also use 1/4" shelf pin holes and use a section of pegboard as a spacing template.

The top crown moulding...is a standard profile. Athough we make our own in the shop it's the same size and profile that you can buy at most lumber companies. The base trim is also a standard profile that can be found at most lumber dealers.

The finish that I used...on this bookcase is walnut stain from General Finishes.  (I found this stain at Rockler and it's also sold at a lot of other woodworking supply stores.)  I finished off the bookcase with a couple of coats of production lacquer in a satin finish.

This wooden bookcase...is another project that I'm getting some downloadable plans ready for. As soon as they're ready I'll post them here.

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