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Thanks for visiting the Woodworkers Gallery. It hasn't been open very long so we're depending on other woodworkers to help us fill the pages.

If you've ever considered promoting your woodworking projects for one reason or another then read below. If you just build your projects for yourself you still should consider promoting them if just for the simple reason that it may give another woodworker ideas or it could even answer questions about a similar project.

Top Reasons to Promote Pictures of Your Projects

  • 1. Work will come to you.When you build a project your customer base is limited to the people that see it before and after you sell it. Promoting the piece by getting pictures in front of as many people as you can will greatly increase your ability to sell more of the same piece.

  • 2. It makes you appear more professional.When you catalog your projects either through a website, online gallery or even a picture album it raises your image in the minds of friends and potential customers.

  • 3. It helps standardize what you offer.By using photos of your projects you can show people the options you offer and it keeps them from asking for options that you don't offer.

  • 4. You can network with other woodworkers.If you like to talk shop with other woodworkers then displaying your projects normally gets a conversation going.

  • 5. It's easier to justify your price.When a potential customer actually sees what they get for their money then at the end of the project you won't hear "I thought it came with a big screen TV!". In other words, the photo keeps them from building unrealistic expectations while they're waiting for you to finish. It also helps to keep your profit margin where it should be.

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