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woodworking portfolio

After I created my woodworking portfolio I found out that it's just as important to your woodworking shop as any other piece of equipment.

Just like most woodworkers, when I first started my woodworking shop I would take just about every job that came along. Big, small, strange (a lot of strange!), it didn't matter, I'd take the job. My shop became very, very busy...and at the same time, my bank account became very, very low! It really didn't take very long at all before I realized I had to take another look at what I was doing!

Eventually this is part of what led to my woodworking portfolio. If I were going to be selective about the jobs I took then I also had to have a selection of projects to replace their original request. Just to keep a open mind, some of the projects that your customers want could be the next item you want to add to your standard items.

open custom catalog

I just use a 3 ring binder that you can slide a cover sheet down into the front cover. Inside I use plastic page holders for the pictures and the specification sheets.

After you start using your woodworking portfolio book you'll find that it serves several different purposes other that just showing off your projects. By standardizing as much as possible you can control your costs. Leading your customer to one of your standard projects will help insure that you're going to make a profit.

When I add a project to my portfolio I include all the options available on the specification page. The type of wood, the finish colors, and the top coat I use. I also include the standard price and any upcharges for variations. It's much easier to get the price you need if your customer sees it already written down somewhere.

Your main photo for each woodworking project should be the best you can get even if you have to take them several times. Sometimes you can get your customers to send you photos and even a note of recommendation. When you can get these always include them in your portfolio. Past customers are your best sales force!

In summary my woodworking portfolio has been one of the best additions that I've added to my shop. You can do the same. Just using a camera, computer and a printer, which you probably already have, you can give yourself and your woodworking shop a big boost toward a more professional image.

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