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Woodworking Promotions

These woodworking promotions are a listing of the savings and deals available at the major online woodworking suppliers all in one place.

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Build a Bird Feeder

This classic build a bird feeder plan is easy to build and a great family style woodworking project .

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Rent A Shop for Woodworking

If you're looking for a woodworking rent a shop close to you then it's probably listed here. You can also list a shop not covered here.

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Woodworking Stores

Looking for the woodworking stores close to you? Try our database to find local woodworking supplies!

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Woodworking Projects For Spring

Fresh ideas for your woodworking projects for spring. Tips about wood choices and finishes.

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Woodworking Workbenches

Different styles of woodworking workbenches. Whether you plan to buy or build, here's some ideas.

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Bird House Plans

Bird house plans of all kinds for the novice woodworker or the more experienced. These plans and kits also make great projects for kids and club activities.

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Model Ship Building

Model ship building at it's best. We highlight one master model shipbuilders unique talents.

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Woodworking Articles

A ever growing list of woodworking articles to learn new woodworking skills and to keep your shop running safe and profitable..

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WoodworkingSiteOnline: Sitemap

Our sitemap page lists all pages here at If you like woodworking then there's something here for you too!

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Chicken Coop Plans

To raise backyard chickens you need to start with chicken coop plans. Take a look at these!

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Adirondack Chair Plans

Choose your next adirondack chair plans from a a variety of plans that include free plans, rocking chair plans, folding plans and many more options.

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Spline Joints

Spline Joints are a simple and easy joint to cut and use. Used mainly to hold two adjoining boards in alignment.

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Scarf Joints

Scarf joints, their purpose in woodworking and how to make them.

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Miter Joints

Miter joints are one of the basic joints used by most woodworkers. Here's some of the top ways to reinforce it.

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