Woodworking Projects For Spring

This downloadable woodworking plan is available from the WOOD Store

With spring on its way   here are some of the spring woodworking projects that a lot of woodworkers will be turning their attention to.  I know I've been considering replacing a few pieces of outdoor furniture and maybe even building a few new ones.

There are a lot of good designs  and plans available at woodworking sites and forums.  Whether you're just looking for ideas or looking to buy plans they're  available at hundreds of online places.  

When  I'm looking   for a new spring project I like to start by looking at what others have posted on their own site or in woodworking forums. Pinterest has also become a gold mine of ideas and so has image searches at the main search engines. (If all of those don't give you any ideas then there are plenty others.)

Sometimes I use woodworking plans   that I buy or can get as a free download. Although most of us can create our own plans, sometimes its easier and faster to just buy plans that already have a parts list and sizes figured out for you.  Outdoor projects  such as silhouette cutouts used as yard art are definitely easier to buy than creating the life size shapes.

Using the right wood  for your outdoor projects should be another careful consideration.  Some types of wood naturally stand up to the outdoor elements better than others. But, this isn't the only consideration.  

You should also consider  how you're planning to finish your project and what it's going to look like after it weathers. As an example, cedar shakes look great as siding or shingles on a house after it weathers but consider that same look on your patio furniture. Not good!

Preserving the look  of the natural wood looks the best on most outdoor furniture projects.  Stains and varnishes can keep your projects looking new and preserve their natural beauty at the same time.   Painting your woodworking projects for spring with a solid color such as white is also a good choice. This choice is mostly based on the type of wood you plan to use and your own taste.

Some of the more popular woodworking projects for spring . . .

Garden Bench Woodworking plan from the WOOD Store

Classic Style Garden Bench

This classic Garden Bench design looks good in any outdoor setting. Available as both a downloadable plan and a Mail-Direct Plan. Overall dimensions: 50" long, 41" tall.  Find out more . . 

Rockler picnic table woodworking plans

Square Picnic Table Plan

Finished size of the table and benches is approx. 90" x 90". Comes with complete step by step instructions.  

CLICK THE IMAGE for full information.

U-BILD Sheep Planter Plan at Woodcraft.com

Sheep Planter, Plan # 909

This plan is sold thru WoodCraft and is shipped direct from the  manufacturer. Click the Image to find out more about this cute planter plan.  

Ideas for the larger spring projects . . .

If you're considering a larger spring project such as a new deck you can find ideas and plans at  MyCarpentry.com.   This site has free step by step detailed instructions about building a new deck.  The basic instructions here can be modified to include almost any deck design.  There's also a lot of other woodworking projects for spring available too.

A even more ambitious woodworking project for spring would be adding a new shed to your backyard. You can find a lot of different designs and sizes to choose from HERE 

More Resources. . .

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