Build this workbench organizer for your everyday hand tools.

This workbench organizer was a result of trying to find something to make from a bunch of cabinet doors I had just replaced.

3/4" veneer core plywood is always useful for small projects.  I didn't want to take the time to remove the paint so I came  up with this much needed shop project.

I listed the dimensions below but you may want to adjust the sizes to your own specs for the tools you keep close while you're working.

These are some of the old cabinet doors that I wanted to recycle. 

Because I'm just building a shop project I didn't really care about the hinge holes and the paint. 

Actually the old paint worked out good for this project because it helps show off the box joints I used.

Parts List:

  • 1. Upper Shelf - 3/4" x 4"w x 26" long
  • 2. Lower Shelf - 3/4" x 3"w x 26" long
  • 3. Bottom - 3/4" x  7"w x 26" long
  • 4. Long Sides - 3/4" x 4"w x 7" long
  • 5. Short Sides - 3/4" x 3"w x 3-1/2" long

I decided to use a box joint on all the joints.  I used a shop built box joint jig that's very simple to make.

I set it up to cut a 1/4" x 1/4" x 3/4" deep joint.  This worked out good and it's a very good looking joint on this project.

Once all the box joints are cut check the dry fit and adjust as necessary for a good fit.

You're ready for the final assembly.

After glueing and assembly of all the joints you're ready to put your organizer to good use. 

With my first organizer I just drilled a series of holes and modified them to fit what I wanted to store. 

I also cut a carrying handle in the middle of the top shelf.  The handle looks good but I never use it.  (You can see the handle and drillpattern in the first photo at the top of the page.)

You'll probably want to organize different hand tools than me so this part of the  workbench organizer is totally up to what works best for you.

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