Lumber or Timber?

Lumber is usually known as Timber, a type of wood processed into planks and beams, which is a stage in wood production.
But, Timber is known as Lumber, specifically in the US and Canada.
Beams are used to carrying horizontal loads such as loads due to earthquakes, wind, etc. Planks are mainly used in carpentry, construction of ships, houses, bridges, and other structures.


Did you know?

● A Timber building lasts longer than a brick building!
● It’s easy to remove carbon from the atmosphere by using timber in construction!
● 12% of the UK is woodland, and 44% of forest covers the European countries!
● Timber is five times better than concrete and is a natural insulator.
● Homes that are constructed using timber are more efficient in energy consumption.

Types of Timber:

There’s a broad classification of types of Timber that are used for construction. Let’s look at the most interesting ones!

1. Bamboo: Bamboos belong to a sub-family called Bambusoideae of the grass family Poaceae. These are a dense group of evergreen perennial flowering plants, the fastest-growing plants on the earth. It is one of the crucial elements that balance the oxygen and carbon-di-oxide in the atmosphere.
A Bamboo Grove releases 35% more oxygen than the other trees!

2. Cherry Wood: The woodworkers prioritize cherry wood due to its smooth grain, rich color, and flexibility. Natural Cherry wood is less expensive and the most precious hardwood in America.
Cherry Wood is used in furniture, flooring, kitchen accessories, and cabinets.

3. Oak: Oak is a tree or shrub that belongs to Genus Quercus of the beech family, Fagaceae. It is a long-lasting, durable, and attractive wood grain used for flooring, paneling, veneers, decking, and joinery.

4. Birch Wood: Birch is a hardwood abundant in North America, especially in the Northern United States and Canada. It is a durable wood used to make furniture, plywood, and longboards.


Timber is one of the most eco-friendly, renewable, and sustainable wood products on this earth. It has the lowest embodied energy of the primary building materials. It manages to store around a tonne of carbon in every meter cube of it. It is also a durable wood product that lasts for many years. Some companies who do long island bathroom remodeling love using timber in their projects.

Timber wood has natural thermal insulating properties where the timber frame allows space for insulation than a brick building. This property of Timber reduces carbon emissions, and thus timber is preferred by the woodworkers. Wood acts as a humid natural regulator that absorbs or releases moisture based on the humidity of the environment. Lastly, but most importantly, they are used for ecological services that balance nature by combating chemical change, stabilizing and regulating weather, and purify the air by providing oxygen and intaking carbon-di-oxide.