Rent a Shop

Ever thought about finding a woodworking rent a shop? Just for an hour, or maybe a membership by the month? Guess what…they’re out there! And the idea is catching on!

The lure of woodworking and being creative has a lot of us hooked. From teenagers to grandpa, from young girl scouts to grandma. Almost everybody likes to be creative and woodworking, in its many forms, is a perfect solution for a large majority of us. The big problem for most…we don’t have a woodworking shop.

Creative shop owners across the country are opening their shops to people that want to rent a shop for a short time. Some have started new businesses just to rent their shops out. Most of these shop owners offer lessons, one on one tutoring, memberships in many different forms, and a variety of other perks.

Some of the shops will rent you shop time in 15 minute blocks, 1 hour blocks, or you can buy the whole month if you want. They’ll store your project, help you design it and most any other step they can reasonably provide.

Most of the shops that we contacted will also sell you the wood and accessories or you can bring your own.

Have a project, say something needs repaired, or you want a bookcase or some other custom piece built but you have no interest in trying it yourself? Several of these shops employ staff members that would love to tackle the job. If not they might know a regular customer that would.

I’ve listed some of these shops below and I’ll be listing more as I become aware of them. If you live close to any of these shops check them out.