Profitable Woodworking Projects

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We have a collection of woodcrafts and furniture for home and garden. Our services also offer personalized orders, delivered within a week. Explore our range of woodworking projects and shop today.


Wall Signs

Creative wall decorations for restaurants and homes with high-quality carving and detailing.


Phone Charging Station

New-age smartphone charging stations with authentic woodwork from a team of professionals.

Best Easy Woodworking Projects

Simple Wall Shelf

Explore a range of wall shelves with unique designs.

Porch Or Garden Table

Special garden tables for an authentic feel in the gardens and patio.

Candle Holder

Affordable and creative gifts for home decoration and candles.

Sofa Sleeve And Cup Holder

Special wooden cup holders with easy installation methods.

Wooden Media Box

Custom wooden media players with a long-lasting warranty.

Address Number Wall Planter

Special address plates are made from the finest materials by professionals. Plus wooden letters for the wall.

New Inventory

We update our collection every week. Check out our latest collection for new home ideas and decorations. Purchase directly from our online store, and we will connect with you within 24 hours to ship or customize your products.

Cookbook Stand

Explore our fresh cookbook stands to add value to your kitchen.

Scrap Plywood Candle Holders

Special new-style candle holders for your home and restaurant tables.

DIY Wine Rack

An easy DIY wine rack that will suit your unique wine collection.

DIY Projects Using Wood

Simple Beginner’s Woodworking Projects

We started our company with the intention of creating new-age woodworks for homes and commercial spaces. With a successful 20 year run, we are not available online to take your orders and deliver them within a week. We have a range of furniture and home décor ideas to add curb value to your homes. Connect with us today to learn more.

Friendly Woodworking Projects That Sell

You can learn how to create your own woodwork space and use our guidebooks to plan your own wooden furniture. We provide

  • Plans
  • Tips
  • Ideas


I am satisfied with their service. They managed to complete and send the project on time as they promised. Ethel Parker

I would definitely recommend their service to any family looking for a home furniture makeover. They are extremely responsible with the wood waste and always call Junk Removal Nassau County to take everything.

Raymond Kirk

I am pretty impressed by how they managed to complete the order for my restaurant on time without compromising on the quality. Pamela Hendricks

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